Why does my Car Squeal When I Start It?


A car will squeal when started because of a loose drive belt. The belt is slipping on the pulley causing the squealing noise. You can fix this by tightening the loose belt.
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Why Does My Car Squeal When I Start it?
A high-pitched squeal when you start your car is more than just an ear-piercing annoyance. It is a sign that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed right away.... More »
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Cars squeal when you start them because of a belt. The belt is either worn or glazed and not gripping the pulley properly. This is most noticeable on humid or cold mornings where they will squeal the loudest. Look at your belts. They should not be shiny on the underside, cracked and should not flex more than about 1/2' when you press or pull on it gently.
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Normally this is caused by a drive belt that is loose or worn and needs replacing.
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There can be many reasons why the car squeals when it starts. The fan belt or another belt may be worn and need replacing. The belt tensioner can also be going ...
The cause of a squealing noise when first starting your car is most likely from a damaged belt, but a good belt can make the squeaking noise as well. Replacing ...
A car usually squeals when accelerating duet to a loose or worn fan belt. Another probable reason would be a lock-up break pad which is very common especially ...
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