Why Does My Cat Bite Me?


You cat might be biting you as a way of communicating something. In addition, cats might be biting because they are scared, they are not feeling well or simply because they do not want to be touched anymore.
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Cats will bite while engaging in aggressive play or to indicate fear, anger or overstimulation.
Cats should be given toys that allow all kinds of play, but should be discouraged from biting you or other people. If you cat tries to bite while being pet, it's because they've had enough.
The answer to why your cat bites you depends on the type of bite. If it is a firm bite, one that breaks the skin or comes close and if the cat seems annoyed, he is likely feeling upset or threatened by something you are doing. If it is a gentle nibble while you are petting him and he is purring, then it may just be a simple love bite. You can find more information here: http://www.perfectpaws.com/agg.html
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