Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?


Your cat could be eating plastics due to cat cravings. Cat craving may be caused by many things, including: dietary deficiencies, medical problems, genetic predisposition, environmental factors or compulsive disorder. Though cat cravings show up most commonly in young cats, they can also show in older cats.
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Some think that the plastic bag gives off an odor which attracts cats. They may do
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When cats ingest raw grass, they often vomit afterward. Although this may seem like a bad thing, vomiting actually acts as a laxative, aiding in bowel movements and regurgitation.
I have a cat obsessed with plastic. She ate the bristles off a broom once. My vet theorizes that this is due to her digestive issues (she has various problems from being severely
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Why a cat eats plastic may be a mystery. Cats love all kinds of texture and their natural curiosity may lead them to taste different textures. You can find more information here: http://www. cats. com/
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