Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?


Your cat could be eating plastics due to cat cravings. Cat craving may be caused by many things, including: dietary deficiencies, medical problems, genetic predisposition, environmental factors or compulsive disorder. Though cat cravings show up most commonly in young cats, they can also show in older cats.
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Some think that the plastic bag gives off an odor which attracts cats. They may do
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Cats used to get plant nutrients from inside the stomachs of prey. Before cats became as frequently domesticated as they are today, felines used to hunt for their meals. The need
I have a cat obsessed with plastic. She ate the bristles off a broom once. My vet theorizes that this is due to her digestive issues (she has various problems from being severely
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Why a cat eats plastic may be a mystery. Cats love all kinds of texture and their natural curiosity may lead them to taste different textures. You can find more information here: http://www. cats. com/
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