Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?


Your cat could be eating plastics due to cat cravings. Cat craving may be caused by many things, including: dietary deficiencies, medical problems, genetic predisposition, environmental factors or compulsive disorder. Though cat cravings show up most commonly in young cats, they can also show in older cats.
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Your cat may lick at your hair as a gesture of affection. In the same way your cat, when it was newborn, stimulated its mother to produce milk, and the mother cat licked the kitten
get lots of cat toys, he sounds like he wants to chew. do you have a nice cat tree for him to play on perhaps.just things that may or may not help. get some small bins with snapping
My cat does that too. ; It just tastes good to them and makes an interesting crinkly noise they like.
By what you are telling me here. I do not think it is anything wrong. It is just somethign the cat does when he is feeling good. We have cats that kind of squeak all the time
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Why a cat eats plastic may be a mystery. Cats love all kinds of texture and their natural curiosity may lead them to taste different textures. You can find more information here: http://www. cats. com/
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