Why Does My Cat Lose Claws?


Cats do not lose their claws par se, but they shed the outer layer of their claws. This is normal in cats as the claws grow back. The cat might try to remove the outer sheath by itself by scratching or biting its nails. Trimming your cat's nails and trying to pick out the claw sheds when you notice this will be helpful.
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It is quite normal for cats claws to fall out occasionally. When claws begin to fall off it simply means that the nail, or claw has grown beyond the blood supply ...
Cats usually claw for different reasons like exercise, marking their territory or region and just for pleasure or fun. They need their claws for protection, balance ...
Cats need their claws to grab things and protect themselves. They also need them claws for stretching their muscles, to catch prey, maintain their balance, mark ...
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