Why Does My Cat Pass Blood in His Stool?


Several intestinal parasites, including worms, can lead to blood in the stool. Some cats have Campylobacter or clostridia bacterial infections that cause colitis and this can lead to blood in the stools. Other cats avert their rectal mucosa when they strain to have a bowel movement. The mucosal tissue is easily irritated to the point that it will bleed. In some cases, the rectal mucosa will remain averted for a few moments or even much longer, after a bowel movement and looks like a pink ring of tissue around the rectal opening.
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I have no idea, but it is not normal and does not sound good! go to a vet ASAP! hurry! GOOD LUCK. you might have to invest a little on your sick cat.
Presence of fresh red blood in cats can be due to minor or serious problems. Fresh blood in the stools can be due to bleeding in the lower intestine or rectum. Major reasons can be
Blood in the stool can be caused by several things such as allergies to. food, stress, parasites and bacterial infection in the intestine or. imflammation of the bowel and/or intestine
Metronidizole is an antibiotic that also acts as an antinflammatory. Vets prescribe it for diarrhea because blood in the stool can be a sign of inflammation of the bowels. This can
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