Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?


There can be several reasons why your cat may sleep on your chest. They may do it because it is a warm spot. They like to feel close to their humans when they so desire. And they do it as a way to keep you in one spot.
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1. Take your cat to a veterinarian to get her checked out for any medical causes for her restlessness. Older cats can get arthritis, which makes it difficult for them to get comfortable
NOT TRUE ! I know of FOUR cases of SIDS where there were NO PETS in the house at all ! Case 1 - The child inhaled their own vomit while sleeping. Case 2 - The child had contracted
Like any animal, I am sure it is trying to gain affection
1. Gently pick your cat up and cradle her in your arms. Pet her softly. Ad. 2. Slowly rock back and forth while humming softly. 3. Continue rocking until your cat's pupils are small
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