Why Does My Cat Softly Bite Me?


A cat may softly bite someone as a show of affection or warning. Other reasons may include satisfaction as well as pleasure. Apart from softly biting, cats may also nip and knead blankets or laps.
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Many cat behaviorists and veterinarians believe there is a link between kneading and nursing. Kittens perform a similar kneading movement on their mother to increase milk production
From my experience, it usually means that the cat either wants to play, or wants you to stop petting them. If the bite is gentle (doesn't draw blood and doesn't really hurt) the cat
The first time I went on vacation after I had cats, the youngest, who is particularly attached to me, grabbed my face and rubbed her face all over me when I came home. I have a photo
This cat is biting you because she can. Have a squirt bottle of water handy and squirt her whenever she starts to bite. You can also say "NO" loudly and forcefully to get
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Cats softly bite to show you they love you! A cat that is upset or mad will bite hard or scratch. Cats that nibble or nip are just looking for attention and play. You can find more information here: http://www.cats.com/
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