Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?


Your cat stares at you maybe because he wants something to eat. In addition, he believes that if he gazes into your eyes he can control you and force you to do her bidding. It may also be because they just want attention.
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Cats stare because they are trying to show their domonance over you. Plus, when they blink, they are saying "I love you"
She probably thinks it's another cat, and is waiting to see what it does. Either that, or she thinks she's watching a really tense drama about a beautiful cat that doesn't do anything
They are trying to steal your soul! Either that, or they are trying to communicate with you
Cats and especially dogs can smell differences in human scents. Maybe the Alzheimer's leave a smell different than he is used to. Other people who don't' live with animals make the
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Cats stare at walls because they can see things that might not be visible to the human eye. They will stop, stare, and listen to make sure they aren't in danger. ...
Cats stare at nothing because they are very instinctive and they either see, hear, or feel something. Their eyes are attuned to movement and might see a ray of ...
There are various reasons why people stare. It can be a result of admiration thus declaring interest. Some people also stare so as to judge something regarding ...
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