Why Does My Clothes Dryer Keep Shutting off?


Many things could be the source of the clothes dryer shutting off. If the lint trap is full it can loose suction and filtration and cause the clothes dryer to shut off. Dirt and debris build up around the vents will prevent air circulation therefore cause the dryer to shut off. Also a belt could be lose or broke and that could cause the clothes dryer to shut off. The clothes dryer could also be over heating which can be dangerous.
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Check to make sure that the lint trap in the dryer is clean and also check where the dryer vent leaves the building for a build up of lint. If the airflow through the trap slows down
try another restore if that doesn't work it may just not be fixable.
Pirate_Lover, Hi try this,go to control panel, go power options, then power schemes,then to turn off monitor and make it what you want one hour two hours or never,then go to turn
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