Why Does My Computer Keep Buffering?


Buffering in your computer coupled with the video stopping and starting normally indicates that you have a sluggish connection to the Internet. It may also be caused by sharing your connection with others.
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1. Close any programs that you do not need to have open. Go to the bottom of your computer screen, right click on the program icons, then click "Close" to exit each application
1. Wait for the video/song/other to finish buffering. Ad. 2. Open Temporary Internet Files or wherever your temporary internet files get stored. You may need a cache viewer to open
A buffer is a piece or memory used for temporary storage, typically in RAM. For example, a network protocol stack implements a set of input buffers. These contain incoming messages
( ′bəf·ərd kəm′pyüd·ər ) (computer science) A computer having a temporary storage device to compensate for differences in transmission
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