Why Does My Computer Mouse Keep Freezing?


The mouse to a computer is like a hand to a human. The brain has to tell the hand what to do so with a mouse it takes its cues from the computer. Often times if there is a problem within the computer it will cause the mouse to malfunction and freeze. Regardless if the mouse is wireless and requires batteries or if itâ€â&dbquo;¢s hooked directly to the computer with a cord it could still lose connection with the computer which also can cause a mouse to freeze.
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Why Does My Computer Mouse Keep Freezing?
With the reliance placed on mouses by virtually every modern day operating system, a freezing or otherwise malfunctioning mouse can put a stop to your daily computer use. By diagnosing the cause of mouse issues yourself, you can help rectify the problem... More »
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One of the first troubleshooting steps for any computer issue should be to ensure that all cables involved are properly and securely plugged in. If you can, try the mouse on another
If you have to many windows or tabs opened at the same time this will make your computer keep freezing. Also if you have a lot of unused programs installed on your computer this will
well its probably because you have a windows and they suck, so go out and buy a mac they never fail and if it does its probably from 1970 so yer. WINDOWS SUCK.
Check your mouse driver or use USB mouse. Source(s) http://cheapmousegaming.com/.
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Mouse freezing is a common computer problem that happens when one is running multiple programs at once on a limited RAM. Another reason that makes the mouse to ...
This problem may result from either hardware or software problems. Check your PC to ensure that it is not overheating. You may be having errors in your operating ...
Your mouse may freeze up if it is not connected properly to the port on the computer. It may also be a sign that the PC has a problem or the computer is loading ...
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