Why Does My Dog Smell Even after a Bath?


Your dog smells even after bath because it has glands that secrete oil into their hairs and when it gets wet it gets extra stinky. Try bathing your dog and drying him as soon as possible. If the smell continues take him to a veterinary.
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This depends upon what kind of smell you are referring to. Wet dogs have a special and distinct odor all their own that many people find annoying or offensive - once the dog dries
1. Feed your dog natural foods high in nutrients. Highly processed foods can contribute to digestive problems and skin allergies. This contributes to odor. 2. Clean your dog's teeth
G'day, Is it actually your dog's body that smells? This could be a number of things, like humans, when we eat something with a storng smell, our body will give off a pong as we sweat
Far as I can tell, there is no scientific reason for this behavior. However, from what I have gathered from other dog-owner's reports and my own experience with the post-bath boogy
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Your dog may smell after a bath because they are still wet. If they still smell once they are dry, perhaps you should use a different shampoo. Go to your local pet store and get an odor killing shampoo for your dog.
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