Why does my eye water constantly?


Medical News Today explains that an abundance of tears, which doctors call epiphora, can be caused by the overproduction of tears, blocked tear ducts, irritants in the eye or outward-bending eyelids. The best way to determine which of these problems is causing symptoms is for the patient to see his primary care doctor. While doctors can often remedy these problems, some require surgical procedures.

As Medical News Today explains, bacteria may be the source of the eye’s irritation. For example, conjunctivitis, also called pinkeye, may be the reason that the eye is producing too many tears. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and wait to see if the problem disappears once the infection has been cured. For people with outward-bending eyelids, surgery may be the only option. In such operations, the surgeon tightens the tendon that keeps the eyelid in place. For those suffering from blocked or narrow tear ducts, surgery is often recommended. In these procedures, the surgeon either uses a probe to increase the diameter of the tear duct or, in the case of completely obstructed ducts, creates an alternate passageway. This way the tears can move around the obstruction and flow into the eye normally.

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When there is something in the eye that shouldn't be there, tears are released to get rid of it. Onions are a common eye irritant but any fume could cause the eyes to water. Any type
Check for diabetes.
Generally there are two reasons an eye waters. It can either mean the moisture is not covering the surface of the eye very well, or the tear duct is not functioning properly. Poor
1. Dry Eye Syndrome (when tear film chemistry isn't right, the eye waters to overcompensate) 2. allergies (they would most likely be itchy) 3.contact lens intolerance there are many
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Why Does My Eye Water Constantly?
The lacrimal gland above the eye releases tears to keep the eye moist and healthy. Eyes that are constantly tearing, however, may indicate a problem. Excessive eye watering is known as epiphora.... More »
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