Why does my Furnace Run Constantly?


There can be a couple of reasons for that. Your windows could leak to the heat is constantly running. Your furnace might be to small for your house, requiring it to work harder.
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A thermostat. Thermostats that are set too high can result in excess running of a furnace even in milder temperatures. Look at your thermostat and determine if you can reduce the
I guess it's always running so when you turn it on you don't have to wait for it to heat up because its still warm, unlike when you turn the heat on in a car and cold air comes out
1. Try pressing the 'reset button' (usually red) on the furnace itself. If there are two copper lines coming from your oil tank the pump should bleed itself. If it still doesn't start
Granted, my specialty is air conditioning (www.shaferservices.com), but in San Antonio everyone's got ceiling fans. A couple of tips that I've picked up working at Shafer is to wipe
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There are a couple of reasons that I can think of as to why your refrigerator runs all the time. One reason could be that you have the temperature turned up too ...
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