Why Does My Goldfish Float Upside at the Bottom of the Tank?


When a goldfish floats upside down at the bottom of the tank, it can be a symptom of Swim Bladder Disorder. This disorder has symptoms like loss of balance: swims awkwardly, upside down, keeps floating or stinking. The cause can be mostly diet-related, improper water conditions, wounds or diseased internal organs.
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Its Dieing .
Yes, your dad is right. Your fish does have swim bladder disorder. This can be caused by a few things, but mainly it's a result of overfeeding/constipation/bloating, injury or a bacterial
hes just looking for food thats all my goldfish do it all the time. but remember dont overfeed just because hes looking throiugh the stones doesnt mean you need to feed him. goldfish
A goldfish floats upside down in result to it's swim bladder failing. They can sometimes repair themselves but other times they will die from it because they can't swim properly.
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