Why Does My Laptop Get so Hot?


The laptop can become hot as a result of dust or the heatsinks could be blocked due to dust that has accumilated over a period of time.
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Why Does My Laptop Get So Hot?
Laptop computers are notorious for becoming warm or even hot to the touch while in use, which can make them uncomfortable or even dangerous to use. There are several factors that contribute to laptop heat.... More »
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Laptops are compact machines that pack a lot of technology into a very small space. This means there is less space for cooling systems and ventilation inside laptops. Components that
If you use it actually on your lap or on a soft surface like a couch or bed, chances are that you are blocking fans/vents. Get a sturdy piece of cardboard or some other thin rigid
The theory by most scientist at NASA is that the extreme heat on Venus comes from the greenhouse effect. They feel the thick clouds around Venus work as a greenhouse would. They let
When you use your laptop, the hard drive spins, causing the internal system to heat up. Most of the whirring noise you hear from your laptop, however, is the fan in your laptop that
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Laptops get hot mostly due to the heat produced by the central processing unit. They are thus built with cooling fans and heat sinks to reduce the heat produced. ...
Your Gateway laptop, like any computer, relies on a system of fans and vents to move air throughout the computer so that hot air can dissipate from within the ...
When this person finishes using her laptop, she should shut it off. Sometimes the heating issue can be as simple the laptop being left on for too long. After your ...
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