Why Does My Liver Hurt?


Liver pain can be caused by a wide range of illnesses such as: gallstones, liver failure, leukaemia, liver cancer, heart failure, gastritis, pancreatitis and fatty liver disease. The pain is usually felt in the upper-right quadrant, typically under the rib cage.
Q&A Related to "Why Does My Liver Hurt?"
We can't obviusly know what the reason of your pain is. Alcohol can definetely cause liver pain but it would stop after few days if it's just a one-time episode. If it's been hurting
One possible reason for your liver to be hurting is a disease. This can include diseases such
When the spleen becomes infected, it enlarges. Initially there may be no symptoms associated with an infected spleen, but tenderness is one possible symptom. A condition known as
Wow...you need more help than anyone on Yahoo answers can provide. See a doctor about your alcohol and pain killer use, given the apparent effects on your liver. You only have one
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