Why Does My Newborn Baby Twitch While Sleeping?


If you are wondering why your baby appears to twitch while sleeping, relax, it's nothing to worry about. Everyone does it as they dream, even animals like cats, dogs and horses. It's just the natural reaction of the nerves responding to something in the dream state. This does not mean they have a medical condition. The only time you should worry is if it happens constantly and triggers seizures or convulsions.
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Why Does My Newborn Baby Twitch While Sleeping?
The common phrase "Sleep like a baby" conjures up images of a newborn in a peaceful, deep slumber for many parents. But, in reality infants twitch, gurgle, stop breathing, flail their arms and cry out in their sleep. All behaviors are normal, and the... More »
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There are many reasons why your newborn baby may twitch while sleeping. The most probable reason would simply be muscle contractions which are completely normal.
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