Why does my nose hurt?


Many afflictions cause pain in the nose, such as sinusitis or sinus pressure, common colds, flu and nasal polyps. WebMD also explains that nose pain occurs with nose injuries from play, sports, accidents, fights and falls, but sometimes people have a hard time detecting a broken nose, especially when swelling occurs.

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom also mentions nose polyps as a source of nose pain. Polyps result from inflammation, redness and swelling inside the lining of the nasal passages and the sinuses. However, the NHS explains that the triggers of nasal polyps remain a mystery. Factors such as allergic rhinitis, aspirin intolerance, asthma and cystic fibrosis do increase the chances of developing nasal polyps. The NHS also mentions that the symptoms associated with nasal polyps look much like symptoms associated with the common cold, which also causes irritations such as itchiness in the nose.

A medically reviewed article by Krisha McCoy at Everyday Health explains that problems with the nose affect breathing, physical appearance and smell. McCoy recommends seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist for certain afflictions that cause pain in the nose. These conditions include nose bleeds, nasal congestion, problems with smell, injury to the nose and a growth or tumor in the nose.

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