Why Does My Paint Bubble on My Wall?


Your paint bubbles on the wall are an indication of a problem with the bond between the new coating and the surface. Your wall may also be a sun warmed kind of wall or a damp kind.
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The main reason for paint bubbles, is too much air in the paint. Be sure to let it sit before using and do not stir too much. Another reason could be that you are using large fiber paint rollers.
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Your wet paint may bubble due to temperature changes and moisture. It can also be caused by improper surface preparation resulting to a dirty surface thus a weak ...
If you are experiencing paint bubbles on a freshly painted wall, this is likely due to putting latex paint over an oil-based paint. You will either need to start ...
The most common cause of paint bubbling is chemical reaction between the pant and the surface it has been applied. This is common if the region applied the paint ...
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