Why Does My Rabbit Sneeze?


Your rabbit may be sneezing because it has an upper respiratory infection. If you notice your rabbit's head tilting to one side, or if your rabbit is having balance problems, you should consult your vet immediately as it may have an inner ear infection. Rabbits eat constantly throughout the day so consult your vet if your rabbit hasn't eaten for 4-6 hours.
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1 Find a veterinarian who has experience with rabbits. Not all vets see rabbits, and some who say that they see rabbits don't always have the background in exotics to know all the
Sometimes animals have allergies so they sneeze, or they just get something in their nose.
Ganesh, it has nothing to do with grooming. I recommend a trip to the vet asap. Rabbits are prone to respiratory problems, this sounds an awful lot like the dreaded Snuffles! http
Hey... This sounds like the bunny snuffles.. It happens when the bad weather comes in (it's basically the same as a human cold) try putting warm water in buns bottle (not hot just
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Your rabbit may be sneezing because of an infection in the upper respiratory tract especially the sinuses and other parts of the tract. Unlike human colds which ...
The reason why rabbits sneeze is because of allergy reactions or respiratory infections. The respiratory infections are caused by bacteria, a condition commonly ...
Sneezing or sternutation which is a quick blast of air out our noses and mouths has numerous causes. You may be sneezing because you may have a runny nose from ...
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