Why does my stomachache every morning?


According to the Mayo Clinic, a variety of medical conditions can cause chronic stomachaches, including appendicitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, lead poisoning or irritable bowel syndrome, among other causes. Only a doctor can determine the exact cause of such pain and it is important to have a physician investigate the problem as some of the causes can be very serious.

The location of the pain provides a clue to the cause of the pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. For example, if the pain primarily affects the upper left side of the abdomen, the potential causes include angina, cancer and an enlarged spleen. By contrast, pain in the lower right portion of the abdomen may indicate an inguinal hernia, ovarian cysts or viral gastroenteritis.

According to the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook, the first steps physicians take to identify the cause of abdominal pain include a physical and, when appropriate, psychological examination. Further diagnostic techniques and strategies include endoscopy, in which a small camera is passed into the body, X-rays and ultrasound. All three of these visualization techniques can help doctors find injuries, obstructions and other problems of the digestive system. The Merck Manual cautions that some of these procedures may cause harm in rare instances, so potential dangers of these procedures need to be discussed with the provider ahead of time.

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