Why Does My Throat Feel Tight?


There are a number of possible causes why your throat feels tight. One of the causes is anxiety which leads to symptoms such as sweating and rapid heartbeat. Another cause of tightness in your throat could be a thyroid disorder like hypothyroidism.
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A feeling of choking or a "tight throat, a lump in the throat, or a need to keep
Maybe you had been snoring the entire time when you were asleep. Snoring could make your throat irritated somehow. Or you could have eaten something you are allergic with? Another
because you have not warmed up your throat yet.
1. Mix 1 tsp. of salt with 8 oz. of warm water. Gargle this mixture as often as once an hour to relieve irritation and inflammation of the throat, according to WebMD. 2. Consume plenty
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Tightness in one's throat could be an indication of a few minor health issues. One could be experiencing the first sign of the flu, or could simply have a sore throat. Try drinking water and see if relief comes soon after. If not, a number of over the counter medications in the form of pills and sprays may help. If symptoms continue, seek medical help.
A tightening feeling in the throat can come and go or may be constant. Anxiety can cause ones throat to feel tight. Other things that can cause this feeling are thyroid disorders, food allergies and acid reflux.
The throat may feel tight due to a number of reasons. It can feel tight in the case of stress. Muscles seem to tighten due to stress. The throat may become inflamed. In order to relax, open the mouth and stick the tongue as far as it is comfortable.
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