Why does my Toilet Bubble?


A toilet bubbling when you flush it is usually due to bad venting in the pipes. This is a tricky problem to address yourself and you may wish to contact a plumber.
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Normally a toilet will not develop bubbles, nor will the water level in the bowl rise past its normal fill level, unless the toilet's drain has a clog of some sort. Clogs in the toilet's
The bubbles come from the space between the flush valve and the siphon jet.
Hi Misuel, This sounds like your drain vent system is clogged. Every drain system has a vent to allow air in the system to escape. Air is bubbling up in your toilet because it cannot
Because your drain is blocked.
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Your toilet is bubbling most likely because you have air in the lines. When this happens there is either a leak or something inside the line letting air out. If it is troublesome or you notice water leaking call a plumber.
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