Why Does My Urine Smell of Ammonia?


Urine smells of ammonia mainly due to bacteria. When putrefactive bacteria are let to grow in the digestive tract, they produce histamine and release quantities of ammonia that irritate the intestinal membrane and are eventually released to the blood. These are passed on to the urine.
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If your cat is not getting enough fluids, his urine will be more condensed and smell stronger of ammonia. If your cat's urine smells stronger than usual, a veterinarian can determine
Its the natural smell of cat's urine.
Because your urine IS ammonia! You're probably dehydrated so it's just very concentrated. Try drinking a ton of water today and see if it's still happening.
When putrefactive bacteria are allowed to grow in the digestive
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Urine smells like ammonia means that you have a urine infection. As ammonia is made of nitrogen, the most common cause of the smell is thus eating various foods that have high concentrations of nitrogen: proteins, meats, eggs, and the like, as well as a few vegetables like asparagus. Dehydration can cause urine smell like ammonia.
Urine can smell like ammonia because of several reasons such as eating different foods that have high concentrations of nitrogen. Another cause of ammonia smell in urine could be from a bacterial infection, normally in the kidneys or infection in the bladder.
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