Why did Odysseus go to the Land of the Dead?


Odysseus went to the Land of the Dead after being advised to do so by Circe, an immortal goddess who had turned some of his men into swine. The purpose of his visit was to contact the spirit of Teiresia.

To attract the attention of the souls, Odysseus and the men who traveled with him began to make sacrifices in the Land of the Dead. The first soul to appear to him was the soul of the crew member who was lost on the island of Aeaea. The fallen crew member begged Odysseus to go back and bless him with a proper burial, which he did immediately after leaving the Land of the Dead. The spirit of Teiresia appeared and told Odysseus that he should return home and reclaim his palace and wife from the contemptible suitors who have taken over his home. Odysseus also spoke briefly with his deceased mother.

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Odysseus goes to the Land of the Dead because Circe told him that to get home, he would have to speak to the prophet Tiresias. When he reaches his destination, he sacrifices a ram
After Odyssey visited the land of the dead he continued
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