Why does paint bubble?


The most common cause of paint bubbling is chemical reaction between the pant and the surface it has been applied. This is common if the region applied the paint is hot. Mineral spirits and water can compound this problem. The best way is to properly prepare or use a paint conditioner to slow down drying.
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Have you ever put Oil and Water in the same glass and tried to mix it? This is the same thing. I bet you have some sort of containment on the surface you are trying to paint. ALWAYS
Bubbling paint on a wall may be from water that has soaked the drywall paper, causing the paper and paint to separate from the drywall. The water source may be from a water supply
For simplicity's sake we're going to assume that there is only 2 types of paint:
Did you use a damp clothe and wipe it down and let it dry before you applied the stain. The other possibility is trapped air bubbles in the stain you applied. Some stains you actually
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Paint bubbles or blistering can be caused by a few different things. Moisture on the surface or in the area is a main cause, so always try to paint during warmer weather. Not prepping or sanding the surface can cause adhesion problems also.
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