Why does paint crack?


Cracking of paint is credited to substandard paint, but in most cases the cause is poor surface preparation or incorrect methods of paint application. In older homes and buildings, paint cracking is caused by the build up of several layers of paint over earlier brittle coats that no longer can bond.
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Paint can adhere to other painted surfaces and create a crack in your paint job if you do not use high block-resistance paint or if you close your doors or windows before the paint
There are many different types of paint. Also, metal is a non-porous surface, mostly - you can increase its porosity (or absorption, ability to hold paint) by sanding or otherwise
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try dry sanding it, and just wiping it down with a dry cloth, then go over with the paint you are using, if that doesnt work then try a different paint :
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Why Does Paint Crack?
When done correctly, your interior or exterior paint job should last approximately the time stated by your paint manufacturer, but some paint jobs crack in spite of your best efforts. Before you begin a paint project it is important to learn how weather... More »
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