Why does Santa say "Ho, Ho, Ho"?


The exact reasoning behind "Ho, Ho, Ho" being used as the overly joyful laughter of Santa Claus' official slogan is unknown. Many think of "Ho, Ho, Ho" as the deep throat chuckle of joyful expression. "Ho, Ho, Ho" is specifically a term that is derived from the Irish Gaelic language.

Santa Claus is loosely based on Saint Nicolas, full name Nicolas De Myre. He was a high priest of the Roman Empire and became known as the protector of children after saving the lives of three children. Saint Nicolas became Santa Claus when the Dutch began their migration to the New World and founded New Amsterdam in 1625.

The phrase "Ho, Ho, Ho" was scrutinized by recruitment firm Westaff in Australia. Westaff suggested to shopping mall Santas that they use a soft "Ha, Ha, Ha" instead of the more widely accepted "Ho, Ho, Ho" due to the original phrase potentially frightening children. In a statement by Westaff, it is explained that the recruitment firm merely encouraged their hired Santas to use a softer and more welcoming tone, and to be mindful of the reactions of the children. Westaff claim that the phrase "Ho, Ho, Ho" was never officially forbidden for use.

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Santa's famous "Ho, Ho, Ho! refers to his deep belly laugh. "It is the sound he makes when he laughs. It was originally HAHAHA instead of HOHOHO. Santa is considered a jolly
Santa says Ho! Ho! Ho! when he laughs. Claus does too. Doesn't everyone? Ho! Ho! Ho!
It's their trademark laugh! But Westaff asked its Santas to say "ha ha ha" because the word "ho," which is American slang for wh***, could offend women.
Ho Ho Ho and ho is a REAL stretch of the imagination! Santa has been saying HO HO HO for over 100 years and some perverse subculture of one minority group starts using a word that
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