All Silver Turn Black?


Silver turns black (what is known as tarnishing) due to exposure to the atmosphere. When silver comes into contact with air, a chemical reaction occurs creating a sulphate stain on the finger known as silver sulphate.
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silvers turn black due to the reaction of sulphur present in hydrogen sulphide from air. Tarnish is silver oxide (rust) caused by a chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen sulphide
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Silver turns black because it is oxidizing. When silver is exposed to the air it causes a chemical reaction which produces silver sulfate. Silver sulfate is the black that you find on silver. There is nothing you can do to prevent tarnishing but you can avoid things like salt, rubber bands, latex gloves, perfumes, hair spray, and onions to slow the process. These items actually speed up the tarnishing as they have a chemical reaction with silver.
The main reason as to why silver turns black is called oxidation, this happens when silver is exposed to air and our skin. The best way to get rid of it is with silver polish.
Silver turns black because of a chemical reaction that occurs when the silver is exposed to air and the atmosphere. The silver actually creates a chemical reaction which creates silver sulfate.
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