Why Does Sugar Dissolve Faster in Hot Water?


Sugar normally dissolves faster in hot water due to the fact that energy is abundant and it facilitates the movement of molecules and makes them spread further apart. The heat present also creates a huge space amid the molecules in the hot water hence facilitating the spread of the molecules.
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The molecules move so fast that the sugar brakes down faster. by NICOLE MEDINA THE WEST FOOTBALL PLAYER.
In chemistry, when one substance is dissolved in another, the result is called a solution. The substance being dissolved is called the solute, and the substance it is dissolved into
The solubility of sugar in water depends on many factors, for example, the temperature of the water. Regarding your question, cubed sugar starts out as granular or regular sugar.
hot water molecules are moving faster than cold ones. try stirring sugar & room temperature water at a slow speed.it takes. longer than if you did it at a higher speed.
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Sugar dissolves faster in hot water or any other hot liquid because the temperature of the water melts the sugar, turning it into it's liquid form.
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