Why does the Apple logo have a bite?


The apple logo for Apple Inc. has a bite taken out of it to distinguish it from a cherry. According to the logo's original designer, Rob Janoff, the bite is also intended to remind people of a common, cross-cultural experience, the biting of an apple.

Some people have associated the bitten apple with the story of Adam and Eve's eating of the forbidden fruit. Others have associated it with Alan Turing, the famous computer expert who committed suicide by taking a bite from a poisoned apple. However, the logo's designer denies that either of these served as an inspiration for his work. He merely took his inspiration from the company's name.

Q&A Related to "Why does the Apple logo have a bite?"
It has a bite in it so it is not mistaken for a tomato. I read this in a biography by. Walter Isaacson.
Turing had committed suicide at the age of 42 by taking a bite from an apple
Well on youtube i was watching a video of why the logo is an apple and they talked about the two dints the apple has the bite and the bottom part. Its because a telephone and fit
The "bite" was originally designed to fit the "a" in the 1975 logo. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/App... Embed
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