Why Does the Fuel Gauge Not Work on My Ford Escort?


The fuel gauge may not work because of a defective dash voltage limiter/regulator or gauge, loss of a ground at the sending unit or because of a break in the wire going to the dash. It may also not work because it is defective or the sending unit is bad.
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Sounds like a problem with the sending unit in the fuel tank. Either it's broke or it's not getting any power. Probably going to have to pull the tank to make this repair. Not terribly
if the Temperature sender is working it will most likely be the sender unit in fuel tank. ( as temperature sender normally works off same voltage source as fuel gauge ergo if both
The most common cause is that the fuel level sender inside the gas tank is defective and in your case i am 99.99% sure that is the problem. You must drain the fuel tank and then lower
I would suggest going to a local parts store and having that checked. I know my local Auto Zone helps with this with no
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