Why Does the Government Need to Collect Taxes?


The government needs to collect taxes to keep certain industries in the nation running. In America, taxes are collected only on selected goods and items. Food, for example, is not taxed in most locations in the United States.
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Why Does the Government Need to Collect Taxes?
No one enjoys handing over hard-earned money to the government to pay taxes. However, the government cannot survive unless it collects taxes from citizens, residents and businesses. Without this revenue, taxpayers would not receive many of the... More »
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The government needs to collect taxes in order to pay for all of the government programs. In order to pay people who work for the government and to fund programs like public education and health programs, taxes must be collected.
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The U.S. government first started collecting taxes as early as its first days after the freedom gained in the Revolutionary War. It became apparent very quickly that the new government
Internal Revenue Service.
The treasury department of the Executive Branch of the government is where
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States have not always forced their citizens to pay taxes. In ancient Greece and Rome, public taxes were paid voluntarily by the wealthy to finance things in their ...
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