Why Does the Lower Right Side of My Back Hurt?


The lower right side of your back may hurt because the muscles are out of balance. It can also be as a result of kidney infection, ageing, a herniated lumbar disc or the right-sided sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
Q&A Related to "Why Does the Lower Right Side of My Back Hurt?"
you might have to have your apendics taking out if i was you i would go check it out at the doctors :D
Think back to what you were doing yesterday as you may have moved or shifted something the wrong way, sometimes these injuries don't show up until the next day, but if you think it
It could be a sign of pregnancy but it could be a
It depends. Do you mean your stomach or lower right abdomen from your bellybutton to the right? If so, especially if you notice the pain moving down to right from the bellybutton
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