How does the moon change its shape?


The revolution of the moon around the earth makes it appear as if it is changing its shape in the sky. From earth, we see the moon growing from a thin crescent to a full moon then contract back to a thin crescent again prior to vanishing for a few days.
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As it spins on its axis, different parts of it move into the sun's light and others move out of it. The shape we see depends on which parts are shadowed and which aren't.
The Moon never really changes shape. But the part of the Moon that reflects sunlight-which is the only part of the Moon we see-varies throughout the month. It takes the Moon about
The moon's color changes based on changes that occur in the Earth's atmosphere. Above the atmosphere, in space, the environment is very clear, with few dust particles, little time-space
Because the earth orbits the sun the moon collects light from the Sun which
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The moon keeps changing its shape because the position of the moon and the sun's reflection on it keeps changing. The moon orbits around the earth every 29 and a half days and during this revolution we see the light reflected from the sun at different angles and in different shapes. This is what forms the phases of the moon.
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