Why Does the Moon Change Shape?


The moon keeps changing its shape because the position of the moon and the sun's reflection on it keeps changing. The moon orbits around the earth every 29 and a half days and during this revolution we see the light reflected from the sun at different angles and in different shapes. This is what forms the phases of the moon.
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It doesn't. What happens is the amount of light (and where it reflects from) changes throughout the month.
The Moon never really changes shape. But the part of the Moon that reflects sunlight-which is the only part of the Moon we see-varies throughout the month. It takes the Moon about
The basic explanation is that the lunar phases are created by changing angles
Scattered Blue Light. When the moon is rising and setting, you view it through a thicker cross-section of atmosphere, which scatters blue light, so the reds and oranges of the light
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The Moon dose not change shape, it only appears to change shape. What you are seeing is the shadow of the Earth falling across the surface of the Moon. Because the Moon is a ball in space the shadow looks curved on its surface giving the Moon a crescent shaped appearance.
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