Why Does the Moon Orbit the Earth?


The moon orbits the earth since it is in motion and its inertia, together with the attraction of gravity, maintains it in its orbit. Every orbiting body is acted on by gravity, which attracts it to another.
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Gravitational forces cause the earth to pull on the moon, and the moon to pull on the earth. Since the moon is going in a different direction then the earth is pulling, the moon does
The moon orbits the Earth because of the volume of gravity around the Earth.
Objects orbit one another because they have a curved trajectory that results from the vector addition of their momentum (in the direction of travel, tangential to the orbit) and the
No one knows for sure how the moon came to be, according to the astronomy department at Case Western Reserve University. The most commonly accepted theory of the moon's creation is
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The moon goes one way and the earth pulls it another way and this battle creates inertia and that is why the moon orbits the earth in continuum.
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