Why Does the Moon Turn Red?


The moon turns red because of the Earth's atmosphere which provides an orange colour to the moon during an eclipse. The atmosphere operates like a filtered lens, which bends red sunlight into our planets shadow
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During a lunar eclipse, much like the recent one, the earth blocks light from the sun from reaching the moon. But some light still diffuses through the earth's atmosphere, which absorbs
Almost all of the time and nearly everywhere on the globe the moon appears pale gray. But occasionally it can take on a bluish hue after the right amount and consistency of oil is
Earth's atmosphere acts like a filtered lens. It bends red sunlight into our
For the same reason your veins appear blue. Light reflecting and being absorbed by various materials in the atmosphere in between the light source and the observer, leaving only some
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The moon can look orange or red when it is seen through the Earth's atmosphere, which happens when it is low in the sky. Red light can pass through the atmosphere more easily than other colors.
Volcanic eruptions or forest fires can also put particles into the atmosphere that cause the moon to appear red or orange. Lunar eclipses have a similar effect. More >>
The moon turns read usually during an eclipse. The reason this happens is because of dust and pollutants in the Earths atmosphere. When we have an eclipse the light from the Sun travels through the Earths atmosphere and carries with it the read color which is projected onto the surface of the Moon.
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