Why does the right lung have three lobes?


The right lung will have three lobes and the left lung will only have two. This is because room must be made for the heart to rest in the area of the chest where the lungs meet.
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The right lung is larger and has more lobes than the
The left lung does actually have a small third lobe known as the lingular lobe, however it does not have three full lobes as does the right lung. This is because of the position of
To make room for your heart. Source(s) High School education.
The main reason is to make room for the heart, which is located in the center and tilts a little to the left.
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The right lung has is larger than the left and has three lobes, while the left only has two. There right lung is bigger because the heart is located on the left on takes up more room so the left lung has to accommodate.
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