Why does the sun make you sneeze?


Scientific American reports that scientists still do not know for sure why people sneeze when exposed to bright sunlight. According to NBC News, there are two conflicting theories about why people might sneeze in response to sunlight.

NBC News reports that one theory for why the sun makes people sneeze is that the visual system could be over stimulated by the bright light, which activates regions in the brain that control sneezing. Another possibility is that the nerve that carries signals from the eye to the brain stimulates the nerve that connects the brain to the nose, causing sneezing. According to Scientific American, photic sneezing runs in families and probably has a genetic cause.

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Not Medical Advice: Sneezing as the result of being exposed to a bright light (e.g. Sun) is photic sneeze reflex. It's genetic and still unexplained by science!
Sneezing as the result of being exposed to a bright light,
From what I understand, coughs and sneezes aren't directly triggered by cilia. But, if they get overwhelmed, then it could lead to a sneeze or cough. An example- You're in a very
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Sneezing after being exposed to a bright light is called the photic sneeze reflex. Its cause is not well understood, but it may occur when nerves near those associated with sneezing become overstimulated.
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