Windows Installer Keeps Popping up?


Among the causes of windows installer popping up is, Incomplete set up. An incomplete set up leads to corruption of your PC?s registry. Driver incompatibility: That is, it it's running on 64th platform. See to it you install 64bit drivers for you applications. Many computers running on x64 show this error after HP software has been installed.
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Just-In-Time debugging is a service that watches for errors in programs that you create in Microsoft Visual Studio. This service generates a pop-up when the program you're testing
Good question! Same thing started happening to me a few weeks ago. Turns out that someone had gone to the Microsoft update site and tried to install Office 2007 updates on my PC,
Windows Installer pops up when opening word for two reasons: 1. It's the first time using Word and you need to enter your information. 2. Not all of Word was installed, and the necessary
This can be a tricky one depending on your environment. Potentially, it means that you have some updates for Office outstanding (yet have done them for Windows) - or that you have
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To avoid the Windows Installer from popping up which can be very annoying, simply do the following. First, download Windows Install Cleanup. Select and remove ...
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