Why doesn't Teller speak?


Teller chooses not to speak while performing because he believes the audience pays more attention when he's silent and refrains from heckling him. His trademark silence is a holdover from his college days when he performed his magic act at fraternity parties.

Teller is one half of the famous comedy magic duo Penn & Teller. Born Raymond Joseph Teller, he legally changed his name to the mononymous moniker and is well known as the silent half of the duo who typically doesn't speak during performances. Occasionally, Teller will break his trademark silence but usually only when the audience is unaware that he is doing so.

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That's his signature shtick, originally, in their magic shows, Penn would basically (not really though) torture Teller within the tricks & the funniest part of them is that he
Teller does not speak while performing although there are occasional
It is part of their act - Teller is completely capable of speaking and he does so in his normal life, but on stage and during interviews, it is part of the act that he never speaks.
Can please clarify what do you mean by the "Speak bug" On the mobile or desktop? We are currently doing a big desktop bug hunt so if you can provide me more details about
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