Why Flock Your Pool?


You should flock your pool if you are having a problem with debris and it staying in the pool. Flocking means that you put certain chemicals in your pool water to help with the breakdown of debris. Most people flock their pool every six months to a year.
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1. Acquire a container of pool flocking chemical. These are available at pool and spa supply stores or online. 2. Add the flocking chemical to your pool water. Manufacturers recommendations
You flock a pool as a last resort to clear the water. If you cant get the pools water to clear up using normal filtration then you may need to use a floculant. let the pool settle
Out of balance water can also cause skin
Let your filter run for a couple days, you will get the undisolved solids out of the water. Cloudy water is junk floating in the water. "Super Blue" is a product I use to
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