Why Fox Hunting Should Be Banned?


Fox hunting is an activity that involves the tracking, chasing, and even killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox. According to some people, this practise is consider to be animal cruelty and should be banned or regulated with some laws.
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Fox hunting is an activity that involves tracking, chasing and killing of a fox. Some of the reasons why people think fox hunting should not be banned are; it is a traditional sport, it helps keep the fox population in check and also for pest control to protect farm animals such as poultry.
Fox hunting is classed as animal cruelty and should be banned or have some laws against it like ban against hunting with hounds. In the United Kingdom Fox hunting was banned after the passing of the Hunting Act. However, in Northern Ireland it remains legal.
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Fox hunting was banned in the UK in November 2004.
Fox hunting can be done a few ways. Most of the time when you think of a typical fox hunt you think of dogs and horses. The dogs track the fox and the people follow on horses until
Foxes have an acute sense of hearing that allows them to hear sounds that are 65,000hz from up to160 feet away, which is nearly three times better than humans. They use their hearing
Fox hunting is a proud British tradition dating back centuries. But there are a lot of other European traditions, like the iron maiden and the crusades, that we're probably better
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Fox hunting should be banned because it is cruel and barbaric. It causes the foxes fear and distress because they are not killed instantly and are torn to pieces ...
It should be banned because it is unnecessary, ineffective and cruel. ...
People think that fox hunting should be banned because it is considered and classed as animal cruelty. Such people prefer it if the fox population was controlled ...
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