Why Is a Book of Maps Called an Atlas?


A book of maps is referred to as an atlas because an atlas was a Greek god who allegedly held up the earth on his shoulders. He is normally represented by the Greeks supporting two huge pillars which are held up the earth. These pillars rested in the sea known as Atlantic Ocean which was named after Atlas. In later centuries, the figure of Atlas that held up the earth was frequently used at the front of a book of maps and this is why a book of maps was called an atlas.
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Books of maps were called Atlas because the mythological figure of the same
because a picture of the titan atlas holding up the world appeared on the frontispiece of many 16th century map books including those of mercator who may have been the first to use
The earliest atlases were not called by that name at the time of their publication, as it was introduced in 1595 by Gerardus Mercator. The first book that in hindsight could be called
Cost and control are two big reasons. By owning the data, Google can do things like offer free turn-by-turn directions on Android. This would have been too expensive to do if it had
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An Atlas, the book that holds multiple maps, got its name from the Greek Titan in mythology that held the world on his shoulders. It stands to reason that a book that holds multiple maps be called 'Atlas'.
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