Why Is a Hotdog Called a Hotdog?


A hotdog gets its name from the use of the name after the popularity of the name 'weiner' reduced. A myth about the name states that the inventor of the hotdog was unable to spell the word 'frankfutier' and hence settled for the former. Hotdogs are actually made of pig meat.
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Well, I really guessed it was just a clever name, but I figured, well, once people roast the meat, it's hot. And the meat looks like the body of a Dachshund. So I guess that's why
The use of the complete phrase "hot dog" was coined by the newspaper cartoonist
Hot dogs were originally called frankfurters. Since T.A. Dorgan couldn't spell it he changed the name!
it's not clear one theory is a cartoonist who couldnt spell frankfurter made it up when drawing hot dog sellars one was that they were sold in dog wagons at yale and they made fun
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The term "dog" has been used to refer to sausage since the late 1800's. This usage most likely derived from claims, dating back to the 1840s, that dog meat was used to make sausages.
The earliest documented use of "hot dog" referring to a sausage was in 1892.
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