Why Is Agar Used as a Solidifying Agent instead of Gelatin?


Agar is used as a solidifying agent instead of gelatin because it keeps the bacteria solid during its growth. In addition, only few microbes are able to degrade agar; most don't. However, though gelatin is able to solidify medium, it easily turns into liquid at room temperature because gelatin has low melting point.
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Agar is preferable to gelatin as a solidifying agent in
I think My above lady has a confusion with carbohydrates and proteins. Agar is a complex carbohydrate mixture which consists of 27 different carbohydrates and bacteria doesnt use
agar remains as a solid during growth of bacteria and few microbes can degrade agar.
Unsweetened and unflavored gelatin is colorless and odorless. When added to a hot liquid, gelatin causes it to cool to a gelled consistency. Gelatin is made of protein that comes
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