Why Is Alcohol Called Booze?


The reason why alcohol is sometimes called booze is due to the history of the word. The word booze is a variant of the older word bouse, which in its time became booze and means to drink a lot. This was a variant of the earlier word busen, which meant to drink heavily. It is possible that the name booze was established even more in 1719 because of a Philadelphia distiller with the name E.G. Booze.
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The term booze comes from an alteration of obsolete bouse, from Middle English and
The Old Dutch name for it was 'busen' The Middle English name, taken from 'busen' was 'bousen' This word was used as early as the 1300s.
It's from middle english bouse.
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Alcohol just got the nick name booze, cause it sounds cooler than calling it alcohol. Many college aged kids refer to hard liquor as booze instead of alcohol.
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