Why Is an Apple Red?


Different objects absorb different wavelengths of light. An apple appears to us as being red because the Apple actually absorbs the red wavelength.
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Apples get their individual color from the distribution and concentration of polyphenols in their skins.
Its the same with everything like the sky is blue. It's because the light from the sun reflects from the apple into your eyes making it look like its red. So colourblind people cant
Apples when exposed to air produce Ethylene a gas which helps them ripe. It also attracts bacteria and micro organisms to make molds and then the apple rot's.
Apple trees need two cultivars for pollination. If there was a tree in the yard previously that you had removed or seriously trimmed back, the lack of blossoms will stop the Red Delicious
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Red apples are colored by carotenoids and anthocyanins, which are pigments that aid photosynthesis.
All plants and trees contain a substance called chlorophyll which determines their pigment on the outside. For apples, the chlorophyll is what makes them red. Some apples are red, some green and shades of yellow.
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An apple appears red because that is the color that is reflected by light to our eyes. The same goes for any other object, however our eyes register the light ...
Apples can be different colors for two reasons. First, red, green, and yellow apples have different pigments in their skin, resulting in different colors. Second ...
The best time to harvest crab apples is during the spring lasting till early fall. They also have signs when ripe, for instance; bright red or greenish-yellow ...
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