Why Is an Apple Red?


Different objects absorb different wavelengths of light. An apple appears to us as being red because the Apple actually absorbs the red wavelength.
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Apples get their color from the polyphenols in their skin. Variation in the types and concentrations of the polyphenols give each kind of apple its unique color. I am not sure which
In brief, red apples are red because it absorbs all visible spectra, except the red spectrum, which is reflected.
Apple trees need two cultivars for pollination. If there was a tree in the yard previously that you had removed or seriously trimmed back, the lack of blossoms will stop the Red Delicious
Because there are green apples to! Thank you for using ChaCha! Have a great day!
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Red apples are colored by carotenoids and anthocyanins, which are pigments that aid photosynthesis.
All plants and trees contain a substance called chlorophyll which determines their pigment on the outside. For apples, the chlorophyll is what makes them red. Some apples are red, some green and shades of yellow.
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